RAD 2256 - Applied Clinical Radiology V

This course is a continuation of the skills and training acquired in Applied Clinical Radiology IV. It offers the student the opportunity to apply skills, learned didactically, in the clinical setting. It provides the student with practical learning opportunities and experiences in the medical radiography environment. The student will observe, assist, and solo on radiographic procedures and will prove competency and proficiency while being supervised by a registered Radiologic Technologist. The student is required to successfully complete competencies, proficiencies, mandatory and elective performance objectives, semester performance objectives, and image evaluations in order to progress to the next clinical course. Twenty-one lab hours per week. Prerequisites: RAD 1206 Applied Clinical Radiology I, RAD 1226 Applied Clinical Radiology II, RAD 1236 Applied Clinical Radiology III, and RAD 2246 Applied Clinical Radiology IV.

IAI Codes - Illinois Articulation Initiative (If applicable)