NUR 1204 - Nursing Constructs

This course is designed to orient licensed practical nurses into the second level of Illinois Eastern Community Colleges, District 529, OCC Associate Degree Nursing Program and to facilitate transition from the role of practical nurse to the role of associate degree nurse. The course introduces the philosophy and curriculum design of the nursing program. Emphasis is placed on the roles of the associate degree nurse and activities of the nursing process. PREREQUISITES: CIS 1104 Intro Learning Services Online, NUR 1201 Nursing I, NUR 1202 Nursing II or valid practical nurse license, LSC 2111 Human Anatomy & Physiology I, PSY 1101 General Psychology I, LSC 2112 Human Anatomy & Physiology II, PSY 2109 Human Growth & Development, and ENG 1111 Composition I.

IAI Codes - Illinois Articulation Initiative (If applicable)