EDS 2203 - Rubber Glov. & Undergrnd. Distrib.

The student will obtain basic discipline in the methods of working on energized lines with rubber gloves and rubber sleeves from an insulated aerial platform in a safe and efficient manner. Students will be exposed to the care and well-being of soft and hard shell rubber goods and their application. Students will also receive instruction on personal protective equipment, hot-line tools, live-line maintenance and review the safe operation of aerial platforms and grounding practices. Additionally, the student will gain working knowledge of URD systems. Students will receive practical experience in the direct burial of primary and secondary cables, installation of 200 and 600 amp elbows, splices, lightening arrestors and overhead terminations. The installation will also be covered. The requirements of shoring and sloping of trenches required by the safe work practices will be used in practical experience. Troubleshooting of primary and secondary cable fault locating, review of backhoe/trencher operation and safe work practices and procedures are also covered. PREREQUISITES: EDS 1203 Climbing Skills, EDS 1204 Pole Framing and Const. Specs., EDS 1205 Equipment Operation, and EDS 1206 Setting and Replacing Poles.

IAI Codes - Illinois Articulation Initiative (If applicable)