BUS 1202 - Broker Pre-License Topics I

This course is designed to meet the first 60 of the 75-hour pre-licensing curriculum requirements for real estate brokers as set forth by the State of Illinois and IDFPR. The course covers topic areas such as Illinois license law, agency, state and federal law, relationships with employing brokers, working with sellers and buyers, real property, fair housing, ownership, contracts, real estate valuation, environmental issues, construction, real estate closings, advertising, property management, commercial real estate and review. The course mixes presentation of facts, concepts, and key terms with real-life scenarios to illustrate the topics being taught as well as opportunities for assessment to help students apply their new knowledge. To complete the required coursework, Illinois Broker Pre-License Topic Course II must be completed along with a 125 questions comprehensive exam in order to meet the 75-hour IDFPR requirement to take the state exam.

IAI Codes - Illinois Articulation Initiative (If applicable)