Illinois Eastern Community Colleges
Gainful Employment Consumer Disclosure Information - Full List
This information is also linked off of each program outline specific to the program selected.

A+ Certification (ISS) C477
Administrative Information Tech (AIT) C218
Adv Industrial Technician (INDS) C548
Advanced CNC Programming (MANUF) C566
Advanced Machining (MANUF) C557
Advanced Suppression Specialist (FIRES) C403
Alternative Fuels (ENRGY) C122
Applications Specialist (ISS) C473
Auto Light Repair Tech (AUM) C523
Auto Service Technology I (AUM) C531
Auto Service Technology II (AUM) C532
Automation (MANUF) C559
Automotive Service Specialist (AUM) C526
Basic Nurse Assistant Training Progr (BAID) C335
Basic Quality Manufacturing Skills (IQM) C277
Carpentry Specialist (CONST) C204
Certificate In General Studies (GENST) C596
Coal Mining Maintenance I (CMM1) C505
Coal Mining Maintenance II (CMM2) C510
Coal Mining Technology (CMT) C297
Coal Mining Technology Prod. Mgmt. (CMT) C290
CompTIA Hardware A+ (CTY) C482
CompTIA Network+ (CTY) C483
Computer Applications (COAP) C158
Computer Security and Forensics (MSS) C239
Computer Telephony C484
Construction Technician (CONST) C205
Construction: LABORER (LABOR) C207
Cosmetology (COSME) C260
Cosmetology Teacher (COSTE) C263
Desktop Publishing (INFO) C237
Electrical Distribution Systems (EDS) C266
Electronic Medical Records (HIM) C194
Emer Prep/Emerg Rescue Tech. (ERESC) C405
Emergency Disaster Services Tech. (EDST) C330
Emergency Management Systems (EMS) C328
Emergency Medical Responder (PARA) C421
Emergency Medical Tech.-Ambulance (EMTA) C320
Emergency Prep.-Auxiliary Police (POLIC) C395
Emergency Prep.-Vol. Firefighter II (FIRE2) C400
Engine Performance Specialist (AUM) C525
Entrepreneur (ENT) C183
Entrepreneurship (ENT) C182
Fire Services Administrator (FIRES) C402
Fire Suppression Specialist (FIRES) C404
Fire Technician (FIRES) C406
Graphic Arts and Design (GAD) C203
Gunsmithing (GNSM) C573
Hardware Support Specialist (ISS) C474
Health Careers (HLTH) C196
Health Informatics Technician (HNFO) C210
Horticulture (HORT) C386
IMT: Level I (Industrial Maintenance Level I) (INDMA) C501
IMT: Level II (Industrial Maintenance Level II) (INDMA) C502
IMT: Level III (Industrial Maintenance Level III) (INDMA) C503
Industrial Leadership and Organization (MANUF) C567
Industrial Maintenance HVAC I (INDMA) C504
Industrial Quality Control (QAC) C280
Industrial Quality Management (IQM) C279
Industrial Technician (INDS) C546
Information Systems Technology C216
Inter Industrial Technician (INDS) C547
Interconnect Technician (TELCS) C447
ISS Specialist (ISS) C472
Manufacturing Design (MANUF) C556
Manufacturing Skills (INDMG) C272
Massage Therapy (THM) C338
Medical Assistant (MEDA) C192
Medical Coding Associate (MCOD) C189
Medical Coding Specialist (HNFO) C211
Medical Quality Technician (HNFO) C212
Medical Receptionist (HNFO) C214
Medical Transcription (MEDTR) C195
Microsoft Certified Applications (ISS) C476
Mine Electrical Maintenance III (CMT) C296
MS Office Specialist (MSOFC) C244
Network+ Certification (ISS) C475
Nursing - Practical Nursing Certificate (PNURS) C340
Office Administration (OFADM) C246
Office Assistant (EOP) C268
OSP Technician (TELCS ) C446
Paramedic (PARA) C412
Paraprofessional Educator (EDU) C364
Parenting (PARNT) C356
Petroleum Drilling Technology (PET) C303
Pharmacy Technician (PHM) C337
Phlebotomy (PHB) C339
Physician Office Assistant (HNFO) C213
Process Technology (PTEC) C301
Professional Ag Applicator (AGB) C118
Professional Bookkeeper (ACT) C142
Psychiatric Rehabilitation Certificate (PSYRH) C336
Quality Improvement (INDS) C552
QuickBooks (ACT) C141
Real Estate (RES) C181
Receptionist (EOP) C267
Reliability Maintenance (MANUF) C558
Sales (SALES) C240
Service Maintenance (AUM) C524
Sport Grounds Maintenance (HORT) C388
Supervisory Skills (INDMG) C273
Truck Driving (TRK) C578
Turf and Landscape Design (AGB) C116
Web Design Certificate (INFO) C238
Welding (WELD) C571
Welding and Cutting (WELCT) C570
Workplace Skills (INDMG) C271