TQM 1214 - Team Building and Development

Teams are groups of people that work together toward common ends, and they are the cornerstone of the Total Quality Improvement process. Teams can best solve problems because they have the expertise and are closest to the unit of work itself. They solve problems by using tools and techniques to study, measure, and build consensus around issues. The multitude of interests and opinions they represent makes team involvement essential to long-term elimination of problems and errors. Teamwork can be defined as a joint action by a group wherein each individual subordinates his or her interests and opinions to the unity and interest of the group. In the team environment open communication, respect for opinions, and rights of others are paramount. In this context, teamwork is not only desired--it is required if meaningful changes are to occur in the organization. This course prepares participants to be effective members of teams. It fosters active involvement of members using appropriate tools and strategies that make the team processes efficient & effective.

IAI Codes - Illinois Articulation Initiative (If applicable)