RAD 1224 - Radiographic Procedures II

This course covers bony thorax, skull, facial bone and sinus procedures with immobile and trauma adaptations. The student will learn the terminology, anatomy and positioning for contrast exams and for common cranial, mandible, sinuses, facial bones, orbits, optic foramina, petrous pyramid exams and some immobile and trauma exams. Basic anatomy will be reviewed and correlated to optimal radiographic exams. Lectures and radiographic positioning demonstrations will be complimented by lab assignments and media presentations. Students will have the opportunity to practice skills to insure proficiency prior to patient contact. Radiographic positioning demonstrations will be complemented by lab assignments on radiographic phantoms. PREREQUISITES:RAD 1201 Introduction to Radiography, RAD 1207 Introduction to Radiographic Processing, RAD 1208 Radiology Patient Care, RAD 1204 Radiographic Procedures I.

IAI Codes - Illinois Articulation Initiative (If applicable)