EDU 1114 - Educating Exceptional Children

Introductory course is an overview of special educational services for exceptional children. It surveys all areas of exceptionality, including identification, intervention strategies, methods, and programs to meet the student's special needs. Identification and utilization of legal aspects including applicable federal and state laws, structure of services, role of general classroom and special education personnel, background knowledge in classroom management, and remediation of behaviors will be discussed. Techniques for gathering, analyzing, and utilizing assessment data for developing IEP will be covered. Awareness of the role of general education and the inclusion of the exceptional individual including accommodations and modification of academic standards will be discussed. Impact of the exceptional individual on family, public school education, and transition for this individual after completion of their public school program will be covered. Awareness of concerns for the future of special education for exceptional individuals will be discussed.

IAI Codes - Illinois Articulation Initiative (If applicable)
SED 904 ECE 913 SPE 915