CUL 1202 - Food Safety

This is a ServSafe Sanitation Certification class taught by an IDPH Certified Food Service Sanitation Manager. ServSafe is the most widely accepted food safety program among state, local and federal health departments. This course is a study of the causes and prevention of foodborne illness in all phases of the flow of food through the food service operation. Accident prevention, emergency action, and crisis management is highlighted. Stresses food service manager's responsibility to train, motivate, and supervise food service workers in sanitary food practices which will protect the public from foodborne illness. As a provision of the law, effective July 1, 2014, two provisions go into effect; the training hour requirement for first time sanitation certification is reduced from 16 hours to 8 hours inclusive of the exam, and the recertification of a food service sanitation manager must be accomplished by completing an 8 hour training course, inclusive of the exam, and passing an ANSI-CFP accredited exam with a minimum grade of 75%. This means that those taking sanitation certification for the first time and those renewing certificates are attending the same 8 hour sanitation class.

IAI Codes - Illinois Articulation Initiative (If applicable)