TQM 1212 - Team Leader and Facilitator Training

Facilitators and team leaders hold key positions within a team structure. They handle a variety of administrative and promotional duties necessary for the successful operation of the team. A highly skilled facilitator or leader must have comprehensive knowledge of team concepts, methods, tools, and techniques. In addition, they must have an in-depth knowledge of group dynamics and group processes. The facilitator and leader must be able to resolve conflicts and assist the team in reaching consensus. This course prepares the student for the challenging role as either the team facilitator or the team leader. During this course the students will learn to function as team leaders and team facilitators. The work begins with an overview of quality concepts and a review of team development. In-depth involvement in problem-solving techniques, decision making, conflict resolution, and presentation skills help prepare the student to facilitate or lead cross-functional and work unit teams.

IAI Codes - Illinois Articulation Initiative (If applicable)