MTH 1131 - Introduction to Statistics

Focuses on mathematical reasoning and the solving of real-life problems, rather than on routine skills and appreciation. Descriptive methods (frequency distributions, graphing and measures of location and variation), basic probability theory (sample spaces, counting, factorials, combinations, permutations, and probability laws), probability distributions (normal distributions and normal curve, binomial distribution, and random samples and sampling techniques), statistical inference (estimation, hypothesis testing, t-test, and chi-square test, and errors), and correlation and regression. PREREQUISITE: PRE 0420 Intermediate Algebra with a grade of C or better, or REM 0422 Math Literacy, or two years of college preparatory algebra with a grade of C or better, or sufficient score on the placement test, or consent of instructor.

IAI Codes - Illinois Articulation Initiative (If applicable)
M1 902