GAD 2298 - Graphic Design Internship

This course will help prepare students for the workplace at Internship level. Integrating theory with real-world practice, students will be provided with the opportunity to make meaningful connections between classroom learning and their own field experiences through ongoing reflection, analysis, and exercises. Students will be guided through the course with lessons to help them enhance self-awareness, integrate the knowledge and values of the profession, recognize challenging and dissonant situations, decision-making, and follow-through. Students will gain knowledge on getting started, ethics, cultural diversity, communication, and self-care. Students will work in an approved business that specializes in graphic arts and design services. Students will submit weekly reports to the instructor outlining duties performed and skills learned/improved. Hours worked must be 150 at a minimum. PREREQUISITES: GAD 1211 Computer Graphic Applications and GAD 2231 Computer Animation.

IAI Codes - Illinois Articulation Initiative (If applicable)