GAD 2297 - Graphic Arts/Design Portfolio

The course focuses on helping students create a professional design portfolio through which students can present their works. Students will gain the opportunity to learn that the quality and personal style of a designer’s portfolio is crucial in starting out in the design industry. The entire creative audience will be addressed. Students will be guided through the essential steps in creating a portfolio that reflects their personal style, an often-overlooked aspect that employers cite as essential information. Coverage includes a unique plan for defining a student’s own brand or image with practical suggestions for translating that personal vision into a cohesive marketing program that gets results. Based on a student's specific goals, emphasis will be placed on methods of effectively presenting his/her works. One-half credit will be awarded each time student successfully completes the course. Total number of credits that may be applied to a degree shall be one credit.

IAI Codes - Illinois Articulation Initiative (If applicable)