GAD 2231 - Computer Animation

The course focuses on the fundamentals of designing, authoring and producing many types of interactive user experiences including interface design, usability, navigation, flowcharting, interaction and animation. Students will use Adobe Animate as both content creation and production tool. Students will gain the opportunity to learn about the most important features of Adobe Animate and Adobe Photoshop. Students will create a final project that integrates what they have learned about the three programs. Theory and production of animated 2D graphics for time-based media environments; concept research, design and pre-production routines for motion graphics projects; focus on the animation typography, graphic objects and still images is heavily emphasized. Students will produce a time-based graphics and typography for end-use as an animation and experimental motion graphics. PREREQUISITE: GAD 1211 Computer Graphic Applications.

IAI Codes - Illinois Articulation Initiative (If applicable)