GAD 2225 - Typography I

This course is an exploration of typographic structures, terminology, and methods as tools for visual communications. Typography I will provide you with a well-researched, authoritative introduction of typography that explores the varied uses of type in historical and contemporary visual communications. Coverage begins with a brief history of type and a survey of how type is classified before advancing to the physical components of letters and the rules of legibility, readability, and style. The creative use of emphasis, designing effective layouts, using grids, and developing original type styles will be covered. Examining contemporary challenges in type, the terminology and concepts relevant to designing with type in a digital environment will also be introduced. During this course you will learn the basic necessary skills and knowledge of creating and managing typography for both aesthetic and communication purposes. This course uses both computer and hands-on methods to address the language of type and its effective uses. PREREQUISITE: GAD 1213 Drawing I and GAD 1211 Computer Graphic Applications.

IAI Codes - Illinois Articulation Initiative (If applicable)