ENG 1121 - Composition & Analysis

ENG 1121 provides further training and practice in the comprehension and expression of written English. It focuses on organization, logic, and correct research techniques and format, including American Psychological Association and/or Modern Language Association parenthetical noting and bibliographic citations. It also includes an introduction to one genre of literature and the writing of a critical analysis of a piece of literature. The writing course sequence will (1) develop awareness of the writing process; (2) provide inventional, organizational, and editorial strategies; (3) stress the variety of uses for writing; and (4) emphasize critical skills in reading, thinking, and writing. PREREQUISITE: ENG 1111 Composition I (IAI Code C1 900). Grade of C or better is required for IAI transfer credit. (Not to be used as humanities credit)

IAI Codes - Illinois Articulation Initiative (If applicable)
C1 901R