BUS 1204 - RE Principles Interactive

Applied Real Estate Principles Interactive is designed to fulfill the 15 hour applied real estate principles interactive IDFPR pre-license requirement for students seeking an Illinois Real Estate Broker license. Additionally, 15 hours of test preparation are included at the end of the course. In this course, students will participate in five 3-hour interactive lessons with an instructor to apply the knowledge learned in the Illinois Real Estate Broker Pre-License Topics course. Each interactive lesson begins with a review of principles, concepts, requirements for compliance and violations, summary of best practices, and/or applicable laws/licensee requirements. Students will participate in a variety of interactive activities (e.g., quizzes, content review exercises, class and small group discussion) where they will apply their knowledge to a variety of real-world scenarios designed to provide valuable analysis and decision-making experience. PREREQUISITES: BUS 1202 Broker Pre-License Topics I and BUS 1203 Broker Pre-License Topics II. (Illinois required 75 contact hours).

IAI Codes - Illinois Articulation Initiative (If applicable)